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Iron Will

A quick puzzle for the all the math freaks out there:)

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Heres a quick puzzle for all the math freaks out there (including myself:) A friend gave it to me, and I still haven't figured it out (its been three days). 0 1 10 111 10110 11100011 0110001101010 111001000110101001101 1001111000001101010110010000100100 0011010000101000111010011101100111100101100011000011010 0001010001110100111001001110100000011010000101000111010011000100110010001101111000011010 000101000111010011100100011010100110110011011100110111100001101000010100011101001110010001101010011011001111000000011010000101000111010011010000000110100 001010001110100110100000110101011001000011010100110110011110000000110100001010001110100110100001100111011101110110011100001101000010100011101001110010000011010000101000111010011000100000110100001010001110100111011101110010000011010 000101000111010011101110111100000110101011001000110100101100101000011010000101000111010011010100000110100001010001110100110010101101010011110100000110100001010001110100111010100001101000010100011101001110011001101010111100100110110011000110011011000110101011101110011010100110110000011010000101001110011 Have fun...

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I had a quick look at this, but I think there may have been a mistake in the question. The numbers of bits on each line follow a fibonacci sequence, but line 11 has only 88 bits where I get the impression it should have 89. After that the whole thing goes awol. Could just be coincidence, but I think your friend may have made some mistake in the setup, it seems weird that it would follow such a famous sequence for a while and then start to diverge. In any event I should do some work instead... Hmm..
All the best.

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I noticed the same. I'm going to check with him in the morning.
Maybe a formatting error? I wonder if he typed it with Microsoft Works?

Anyway, the only thing I get using a binary converter, or hex conversion, is gibberish. Or maybe not?

[EDIT]Ok I got the original format...


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Ignoring endlines, read the bits in groups of 8, interpret using the ASCII character table and you get this:


Looks like some obscure programming language to me...

[EDIT] Added an 's' character at the end.

[Edited by - alvaro on January 28, 2007 1:31:08 AM]

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Just checked with my buddy, he says when its complete it "should" make sense.
Asked him what "make sense" met, he just pointed at your answer, and said "not that"

I'm guessing theres more to the puzzle, but it's unlikely I'LL ever figure it out.
I tried substitution, and offsets, but it still comes out as gibberish.

I googled ALL my results. Nothing.
Can ANY one help here?

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Please ask your friend if it is important that some of the values have leading zeros while other values don't.

I'm curious whether the next value in the sequence is a function of the previous value, the previous two values or all the previous values. I'm guessing that this is one of those stupidly simple things once I figure it out. Man! I want to crack it!

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The fibinacci sequence was a good call

1 bit
30???????????? <- !!!!!!!

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Fibonacci makes me think next number is made by concatenating two previous and then doing something with them. That's assuming friend didn't just add leading zeroes to make it be fibonacci.

Also, it is not necessarily in binary.
Generally, to solve puzzles like that, it greatly helps to know person who made puzzle. To solve, you need to check out really many obscure possibilities, and knowing person who made puzzle can reduce number of those possibilities to check down to something doable.

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