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problem with multiple-light shader

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I've been working on a way of using multiple pp lights in a shader to render scene objects - but I seem to be having a problem with the light vector being messed up with the projection matrix. As I have a limit on the amount of variables I can pass between the vs and the fs, and therefore how many light vectors in tangent space I can pass over; i'm trying to do the ts stuff per light in the fs. Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong? vert:

attribute vec3 tangent;
attribute vec3 binormal;

varying vec3 T, B, N;
varying vec3 V;

uniform mat4 projMatrix;

void main()
	T	=	gl_NormalMatrix * tangent;
	B	=	gl_NormalMatrix * binormal;
	N	=	gl_NormalMatrix * gl_Normal;
	V	=	-vec3(gl_ModelViewMatrix * gl_Vertex);
	gl_TexCoord[1] = gl_MultiTexCoord0;
	gl_Position = ftransform();

light stuff in frag:
void	_computeLighting( int nLight, vec3 addSpecular, vec3 addLight, vec3 map_normal, vec3 map_specular ){
	//	per light colors
	vec3 	l_ambient;
	vec3 	l_diffuse;
	vec3 	l_specular;
	//	diffuse contribution
	float	diffuse;
	//	specular contribution
	float	specular;
	//	distance from light to vertex in TS
	float 	dist;	
	//	complete attenuation
	float 	atten;

	//	per light
	vec3 thisLight;
	vec3 thisSpecular;
	//	for each light
	vec3 L 		= vec3(gl_LightSource[nLight].position);
	vec3 LtoV 	= (L - V);
	//	TS vertex, and light
	Lts 		=  	(gl_NormalMatrix *LtoV) * TBN_Matrix; 	
	Vts 		=  	V*TBN_Matrix; 	
	// distance from light to pixel
	dist = abs(distance(Lts, Vts));
	// attenuation from light to pixel
	atten = 1.0 / (gl_LightSource[nLight].constantAttenuation +
          		 gl_LightSource[nLight].linearAttenuation * dist +
          		 gl_LightSource[nLight].quadraticAttenuation * dist * dist);
	l_ambient 	= 	gl_LightSource[nLight].ambient.rgb;
	l_diffuse 	= 	gl_LightSource[nLight].diffuse.rgb;
	l_specular 	= 	gl_LightSource[nLight].specular.rgb;

	diffuse = atten*clamp(dot(Lts, map_normal), 0.0, 1.0);

	thisLight		=	l_ambient+(l_diffuse*diffuse*atten);//+
	LightingComponent	+=	thisLight;

	thisSpecular		=	pow(clamp(dot(reflect(-Vts, map_normal), Lts), 0.0,1.0),16.0)*map_specular;
	SpecularComponent	+=	thisSpecular;


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