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Need some help on networking

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Hey all, i found a old script form Mangos/Ludmilla (for those who don't know it they are pirated server software for W0W). The script file is called: BufferByte.h Anyways basicly what it does is a standard class with lots of overload functions, that would check wich type it is and how to write it to a storage array. small example: WorldPacket pkt; uint8 value = 0; uint64 value2 = 1x09; pkt << value; pkt << value2; and it also has the posiblity to read from it's values: WorldPacket pkt2(&pkt); uint8 value3; uint64 value4; pkt2 >> value3; pkr3 >> value4; Now i tested this myself and it works for me but now i have a problem, i want to send over the network contents but it just doesn't work. pkt.contents() should be able to return the contents. (char *)pkt.contents() (char *)&pkt.contents() (char *)&pkt don't work if send these over, ow they will send alright but if i deserialize them i'm getting a access violation error. It's probably a error that i'm sending over a pointers number and since the memory is not shared between them, well u get it. + pluse the fact that if it is a pointer, over network pointers should not exist since client/server are never on the same comp in theory. Here's the pastebin of the files to give you guys a better impression i Would appricate any form of help on this.. so my question is how to make this Bytebuffer.h so that it can you convert it contents so it can be sent trough a socket and deconvert the contents at the other end. (p.s. my excuses for some bad english) aww still no replies =( must have ben harder than it looked. [Edited by - phr34k9 on January 29, 2007 3:03:02 AM]

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