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Sample geometry for graphics tech-demos

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Hi all, Couldn't decide whether to put this in GP&T or VA, but I figured there were more programmers in here suffering from "programmer art" and thus might know of some resources [grin] I have to get the demo code for my book working soon and I therefore need some sample artwork to show off the algorithms. I've been looking at the Stanford 3D Scanning Repository - the good old Stanford Bunny being a prime choice. The licencing is favourable as well, but the 70,000 triangles and lack of a texture-mapped version make it less favourable. I was also thinking of the Utah Teapot, but I see that EVERYWHERE these days so was trying to find something different! Searching around for other free models yields lots of results, but I need to be pretty careful of any licencing restrictions. The good thing about the academic models is they tend to be free for use in samples/images in books. So, anyone got any ideas - what model(s) have you used for graphics demos in the past? Ideally I need a texture-mapped version (for tangent-space mapping) but I can probably generate that via D3DX's UVAtlas features if I have to... Cheers, Jack

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Thanks for the link - looks like a convenient set of source data!

Little concerned about this part though:
All of the files in the data set are freely available on the internet, although the original mesh authors may not have granted permission for their models to be used in commercial products.
IANAL, but would a book covering graphics algorithms count as a commercial product? From other information I've been reading it seems to be a bit of a grey area... [oh]


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