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Incoded X Files

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Hi, I want to use Diretx xfile format for my game(simply because that the only one I know how to use) and I want to prevent people from opening that xfile or replacing it with a different one to change my game in any way. I thought maybe I write a small program, that would encrypt an x file. First I would export the file from a modelling package, then I would run the file through the encrypter. Then in the game code itself there would be a decoder, that would decode it and then load it. Note that the incoder will not be anything more than an io that would read in the xfile, and maybe use a formula or something to change the characters around in a certain way, so It's not going to be anything fancy like a parser or anything. And in the game the same formula would be used to see that 1. The file is incoded the righ way(that way users can't replace the file with a differnt one) and 2. If it is incoded correctly, then it would just reverse the same formula and get it back into its original form, after which it loads it. Maybe thers a better way of doing it?(And I know there are better ways of doing it, but I also know that the game is not even close to being commercial, and Im not looking for any hardcore encryption algorithms, since the game is probably going out to two maybe three people for a test run, so I just don't want them opening the files in the DxViewer or something) Thanks for suggestions/opinions. Tim.

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