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Index Buffers

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Hi Ive created a vertex buffer with my cube in it using a specific fvf and it draws fine using the DrawPrimitive method: Creating the vertex Buffer:

MYVERTEX data[]={






		int vert_count= sizeof(data)/sizeof(MYVERTEX);
		int byte_count= vert_count*sizeof(MYVERTEX);
		g_list_count = vert_count/3;

			base->messageBox(base->hWnd,"Error Creating vertex buffer");

		if(FAILED( vb->Lock(0, //Offset
				    0, //SizeToLock
			        &vb_vertices, //Vertices
			        0)))  //Flags))
			base->messageBox(base->hWnd,"Error Locking vertex buffer");



Drawing the Vertex Buffer:

	//Bind our Vertex Buffer

        //Render from our Vertex Buffer

okay now i want to use an index buffer as well as a vertex buffer to speed things up. From what I understand, an index buffer stores only indexes of the unique verticies and uses an index for non unique ones. i.e if 1 and 4 are the same it will use 1 twice. So i wrote this code to create an index buffer from my vertex buffer: Creating the Index Buffer:
vector<INDEX*> indices;
		uniqueCount = 0;

		for(int i = 0; i < vert_count; i ++)
			INDEX* cur = new INDEX;
			MYVERTEX* currentVertex = &data;
			int indexSize= (int) indices.size();
			bool found = false;
			for(int x = 0; x < indexSize; x ++)
				if(currentVertex->x == indices[x]->vertex->x &&					// Any Vertex with the same co-ordinate is the same
					currentVertex->y == indices[x]->vertex->y && 
					currentVertex->z == indices[x]->vertex->z)
				   found = true;
				   cur->vertex = indices[x]->vertex;
				   cur->index = x;
			if(! found)
				cur->index = uniqueCount;									// This vertex is unique, add it
				cur->vertex = currentVertex; 
				uniqueCount ++;
			sprintf(base->buffer,"Index : %d = %d \n",i,indices->index);

		sprintf(base->buffer,"%d Unique Vertices",uniqueCount);
		base->messageBox(base->hWnd,base->buffer,"Look Here");
		WORD *indexTable;
		indexTable = new WORD[vert_count];

		ib->Lock( 0, 0, (void**)&indices, 0 );
		for(UINT i = 0; i < indices.size(); i++)
			indexTable  = indices->index;

this seems to work correctly as it tells me there are 6 unique vertices in terms of position only and it outputs a list of all vertices which seems correct. However when i try to draw the index buffer: Trying to draw the Index Buffer:
        base->D3dDevice->SetIndices(ib); // Set the index buffer   
	//Bind our Vertex Buffer

				    base->messageBox(base->hWnd,"Drawing the Index Buffer has failed");

i dont see anything rendered but the call to draw the indexed primitive doesnt fail. I have tried turning off culling and setting the render state to wire frame but i still dont see anything. I think it may be to do with the order of the verices in the vertex buffer? how do i know if they are "clockwise" or not? sorry for the ling post thanks

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You calculate

g_list_count = vert_count/3;

but then divide by three in your draw call as well. Change your draw call to something like


(the number of vertices used is g_list_count*3)

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