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Texture Mapping problem

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I have been using tao 2.0 opengl and I was doing the NeHe tutorials and I got to tutorial 6 but my cube just shows up white and I and trying to figure out where it not applying the texture the texture. was trying to do it on my own and convert it my self but then I ran into this problem and went back through the examples source and change my code here and there Thanks http://rafb.net/p/YE2wJF83.html

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Nevermind I got it

texName = new string[1];
texName[0] = "NeHe006.bmp";
texture = new int[1];

if (File.Exists(DataDirectory + GetTextureName()[0]))
FilePath = "";
// Status indicator
bool status = false;
Bitmap[] textureImage = new Bitmap[GetTextureName().Length];
// Create Storage Space for the texture
for (int i = 0; i < GetTextureName().Length; i++)
textureImage = new Bitmap(FilePath + DataDirectory + GetTextureName());
// Load the Bitmap
// CHeck for errors, if bitmap not found, quit
if (textureImage[0] != null)
status = true;
// Create the texture
Gl.glGenTextures(GetTexture().Length, GetTexture());

for (int i = 0; i < textureImage.Length; i++)
// Flip the bitmap along the Y axis
// rectangle for locking the bitmap in memory
Rectangle rectangle = new Rectangle(0, 0, textureImage.Width, textureImage.Height);
// Get the bitmap's pixel data from the locked bitmap
BitmapData bitmapData =
textureImage.LockBits(rectangle, ImageLockMode.ReadOnly, PixelFormat.Format24bppRgb);
// Typical texture generation using data from the bitmap
Gl.glBindTexture(Gl.GL_TEXTURE_2D, GetTexture());
Gl.glTexImage2D(Gl.GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, Gl.GL_RGB8, textureImage.Width, textureImage.Height, 0, Gl.GL_BGR, Gl.GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, bitmapData.Scan0);

if (textureImage != null)
// if texture exists
// unlock the pixel data from memory
// Dispose the bitmap
return status;

thanks anyway

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Hi. I have the same problem: my object is white, but is should be covered with a texture. How did you solve this ?

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