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Hello Network for DevC++

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I consider myself green when it comes to networks, I am a noob when it comes to writing networking apps. I've got DevC++ and "'s how to write multiplayer games.", which is writen for Visual Studio's 6. The information is all good except for the VS6.0 specific code. I've looked for networking with DevC++ on this forum and can't find any thing. Where do I go to find networking code writing for games in DevC++? Thank you in advance, BladeStone

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there should be absolutely no difference between code written for visual studio and code that works in Dev-C++. Generally VS6.0 sucks chunks so you have to use some retarded (but valid) syntax to get things working; but it should play nice in DevC++

My guess is that you didn't set your project up correctly: you aren't #include'ing the correct files, or linking to the correct libraries.

Post your compiler or linker errors.


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I'm typing from work right now on lunch break (I'm an office manager by day, coder by night), therefore, I don't have the compiler comments infront of me. I was doing the ConnectText in Chapter 4 out of the networking book.

I replaced all the NULL with '\0' and that cleared up all the errors.

But the linker errors were all related to the ws2_32.lib file which was not any where to be found. I spent all night looking on the net for it, and the only place I could find the file it's self was in VS2005. I can't get the VS2005 freebie thing from MS because I don't have the right operating system so it refused to extract it's self.

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Home now, and here is what the linker has to say:

Compiler: Default compiler
Building Makefile: "C:\J2SDK\DevCPP\ConnectionDev\"
Executing make clean
rm -f DevConn01.o DevConnect01.exe

g++.exe -c DevConn01.cpp -o DevConn01.o -I"C:/J2SDK/DEVCPP/lib/gcc/mingw32/3.4.2/include" -I"C:/J2SDK/DEVCPP/include/c++/3.4.2/backward" -I"C:/J2SDK/DEVCPP/include/c++/3.4.2/mingw32" -I"C:/J2SDK/DEVCPP/include/c++/3.4.2" -I"C:/J2SDK/DEVCPP/include"

g++.exe DevConn01.o -o "DevConnect01.exe" -L"C:/J2SDK/DEVCPP/lib"

DevConn01.o(.text+0x134):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `WSAStartup@8'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x178):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `WSAStartup@8'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x37b):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `recv@16'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x495):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `send@16'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x4d1):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `inet_addr@4'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x4e8):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `gethostbyname@4'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x50f):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `WSASetLastError@4'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x52c):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `htons@4'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x552):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `socket@12'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x587):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `connect@12'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x647):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `closesocket@4'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x67c):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `socket@12'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x6c2):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `htonl@4'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x6d6):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `htons@4'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x6f9):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `bind@12'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x73f):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `listen@8'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x770):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `accept@12'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x87c):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `recv@16'
DevConn01.o(.text+0x8aa):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `send@16'
DevConn01.o(.text+0xaae):DevConn01.cpp: undefined reference to `WSACleanup@0'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Execution terminated

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I don't have that library, it's a library for VS6.0 which is needed for the sample code from chapter 4, first code example from " Multiplayer Game Programming" which is where the tutorial came from. I don't have VS6.0, I've got GameDevC++ and ws2_32.lib is no where in my system and I can't find it for download on the net.

I need to find DevC++ Network code samples. Or advice to replace that library with one I've got.

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