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Hi, I am rather new to programming and I have a question about animation. Here's a theoric example: imagine that there are 2 variables and one evolves based on the other one, let's say that the width of a rectangle on screen evolves based on time.
So, when time is equal to a, width is equal to d, when time is equal to b, width is equal to e and so on. Imagine I know the values of a, b, c, d and f. How do I calculate e based on these values? Thanks in advance, Merlino Edit: please post only once; the Forum FAQ contains useful information about how to format your post (I mean, images are enclosed by normal <img> tags) -- .ED

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This depends on how it "evolves". What you're getting into here is called "interpolation", and there are several different ways to do this.

Assuming you just want to do linear interpolation (the first one), simply find the interval you're in, and weigh each point with the distance (in time) from you current point... something like:

float a = 0.0f;
float b = 1.0f;
float d = 14.0f;
float e = 20.0f;

float cur_point = 0.5f;
float t = (cur_point-a)/(b-a); //you need to find a and b first...
float width_e = t*e + (1.0f-t)*d; //linear interpolation (lerp)

Hope this helps

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