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RTLS over Wifi

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Hi everybody ;) For a project involving RTLS over wifi, I need to create a 3D environment - a building, a floor, hangar, yard, etc.. in which I will have to graphically localize objects = RF tags. Simply put, I receive coordinates from objects (x,y, z) in a collection and have to place the objects (represented by an image) into the 3d environment according to the coordinates. The model of the building will be created with a 3d modeling tool and loaded into the system. Now I face some problems/questions: 1. The first problemo is I do not know if I will really need a 3d engine(??) I just have to visualize things but i also need to select the rf tags in the environment and retrieve in formation about them. Would the development of such a system benefit from using an engine? Which one? (if you take in credit my notes below) The system needs to be flexible. - I already have some experience using directx 9c - Language has to be c#, tool = - need a lot of support/recources 2. How can I make the link between an object on the screen (drawn on the screen) and the object behind the screen; the real object? If I click onto an object, do I have to record the coordinates and look for an object with the same coordinates? That seems a little complex, isn't there better way?? I need an OO "compliant" solution. The problem is I can't seem to find information anywhere about game architecture (objects, OO, patterns) Any help would be very very welcome Regards L5n

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