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[SOLVED] MSVC2005 Express - Where has my FIND + REPLACE function gone?

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I have a certain programming style. I map my application in my head in such a way as the best awy to get to some code is to press CTRL+SHIFT+F in MSVC 2005 express, then type in 'wireframe', for instance, Then I whip to the instance of WIREFRAME i want. Now, all of a sudden CTRL+SHIFT+F does nothing... Anything I can do? or is reinstall the only way forward <yawn> Ta! Si [Edited by - sipickles on March 2, 2007 1:08:55 PM]

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In case anyone experiences the same annoyance:

pressing CTRL+TAB allows you to cycle through an applications windows... much like ALT+TAB cycles applications themselves.

Never knew that...

Anyway, I could see Find/Replace window (which was offscreen.... well done microsoft!)

By selecting with mouse, then press ALT+MINUS, you get the MOVE option which allows you to bring it back into view!

And I thought my program was buggy!


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