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Hi, this time I dont have a problem (woo) but I wanna know the name of something so I can look it up. I have heard and would imagine having one texture with like 30 tiles on it and then just map out each tilewhen I need to use it would be better and more convenient, but I dont know what that is called. Does anyone know the proper name of it so I can look it up? I have googled quite a bit of terms I thought it could be but all were other things. Thanks :D

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Well, I am not really have any problems - yet.

I dont even know how to start, thats why I want the name so I can google it then ask questions.

However, I have an idea but Im not sure how I can do this without being messy.

Basically, I have an array of CUSTOMVERTEX arrays (lol) and then I have each one representing a portion of the original texture, i.e., 1 square down, 3 over (I sorta got this figured out, but I'm not sure if I need to do special tricks or if its because floating point error but I get a slight border around each texture displayed)

Anyway, that seems very tedious, slow and wasteful.

Can you suggest a method of doin something like that? What I'm trying to do is make a small map reader where it reads a text file with data corresponding to point and texture then it will render that texture in the right spot.


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