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How to store images?

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skwee    337
Hello. I'm using SDL and i got a problem. I have textures that i need to store somewhere. Now its 3 but later i think ill get something like 200-300 textures. I can't create variable for each texture so i tried to store them in an array but i got some strange error so I'm looking for alternative way to store images. I made a class of "block" and each block had his own picture. Can be more then one class with the same picture so i need to load the pictures first and then give each block an address of necessary picture. Suggestions?

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Bob Janova    769
John has given you a good pointer (hehe :P) there.
std::map<std::string, SDLTexture*> textures;
class TexturableObject { // I think this is your 'Block'?
private: std::string texture; // texture name
... // etc

You can use an integer key (hash the string in some way) if string lookups become too slow.

I think there is an SDLTexture class or similar, though I've no experience with SDL so I can't go into any detail.

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nemesisgeek    139
I use MFC in my game engine (strange but true) and get good results with my CTextureMgr class. Right now it's basically a wrapper around a CMap of strings to CTextureObjects, but it also supports some garbage collection and other more advanced stuff.

I actually use a three-level hierarchy in my resource IDs, such as "t-engine.effects.def_particle". (If this sounds a bit like Unreal, you're right - that's what gave me the idea.) The first part ("t-engine") is the package name, the second ("effects") is the category, and "def_particle" is the name of this texture.

To use a texture with my class, I just do this:

I have similar resource managers for 3DS models and OpenAL audio buffers, and will be creating one for shaders very soon.

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