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making a 3d font editor.

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Hi. Currently I decided to focus on font programming. I searched the internet for useful informaion, but I couldn´t find one. My question is, how can I get font data out of the file, lets say a .ttf file for example. And where can I can those specific format description, I need to "parse" a font file? If you have any links or tutorial stuff, please post it! Grateful Alex

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Ok, I have to admit, I have absolutly no knowledge about fonts!
So, where should I start than?

To start to do anything, I need some points from the font letters or something.

The ftp link to the 600 page book doesn´t work!
I also found that link!
Thanks for the others.

you mean CreateFont() !?

But with this function I dont get any information about the exact shape of a letter. How is it with GetFontData() (also win gdi)?

Any experience with this function?


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I recommend looking into the FreeType library. You can let it do all the hard work in parsing TrueType fonts.

In the past I've used it to render all the ASCII glyphs into a bitmap, and then in my OpenGL app drawn quads whose texture coordinates match the sub-section corresponding with the character I want to draw. You can build this up to draw strings.

More recently I've wanted the actual curve information in TrueType fonts for a vector-based font renderer. The FreeType API will give you easy access to this information as well.

The FreeType documentation can be difficult to navigate, but the information's all there.

HTH [smile]

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