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streambuf overloading

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Couple days back I made a post, and got refered to the idea of overloading a streambuf to provide some extra functionality in my file access, while maintaining the c++ look of fstreams. That said, I figured out how to overload it so that
  my_stream << "test" << endl;
will call "overflow" for each of t-e-s-t-NULL. That is nice, so I'm partway there. now when i try to do
  my_stream >> a_string;
it always pulls up an empty string, but the odd part is that it never calls "underflow" so Im wondering what i have to overload, or what code i have to add to "overflow" inorder to get it to return something; After that, Im assuming that "sync" is where i need to update my pointers and such. So, is sync called on a seekp/seekg? if so then how do i find the position so i can update my underlying file?
class vfs_file_buff : public streambuf
		void	open		( string fname );
		void	close		( void );

		int		underflow	( void );		
		int		overflow	( int ch );
		//int		sync		( void );


void vfs_file_buff::open	( string fname )
	cout << "open" << endl;

void vfs_file_buff::close ( void )
	cout << "close" << endl;

int vfs_file_buff::underflow ( void )
	cout << "underflow" << endl;
	return 0;

int vfs_file_buff::overflow ( int ch )
	cout << "overflow" << endl;
	cout << (char)ch << endl;
	return ch;

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Guest Anonymous Poster
sync is used when you call flush on a stream, and is optional to implement.

The 3 functions I implemented are overflow (for reading), and underflow + uflow for writing. After profiling my (very) simple game though, I think the one-char at a time method has too much overhead, and I will need to implement a buffered solution.

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Anyone have a good link/code for that? cauze i just added uflow to my overloads, but it seems that it is never getting there either.

Ok, it appears to have something to do with my initialization.
If I seed a "ostream" then the overflow works.
If I seed a "istream" then the underflow works.
If I seed a "iostream" then the overflow works, but not the underflow.

--edit again
Ok, so the issue had everything to do with me attempting to do a seekg/p on the stream.
Wich leads be back to my last question. How do i get the streambuf position so i can sync that with
my underlying buffers/files?

[Edited by - KulSeran on March 4, 2007 9:03:06 PM]

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For anyone interested:


appear to be the functions that have to be overwritten inorder to properly overload a streambuf
for input and output


also have to be overwritten inorder to allow the above stream to be seeked.

When i finish my code will likely post if for those intersted.

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