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Texture CAPS checking

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I've setup my program so it tests for each of the texture states used within the program. For instance, if my program used a shader with a sampler_state of this definition - sampler TextureTri = sampler_state { Texture = <g_texture>; MinFilter = LINEAR; MagFilter = LINEAR; MipFilter = LINEAR; AddressU = CLAMP; AddressV = CLAMP; }; i would test the caps for each of the settings -
    static DWORD dwTextureFilterCaps =  D3DPTFILTERCAPS_MINFLINEAR |
                                        D3DPTFILTERCAPS_MIPFLINEAR |

    // check support for the each sampler state mode used in the shader
    if ((pCaps->TextureFilterCaps & dwTextureFilterCaps) != dwTextureFilterCaps)
        return false;

is this the correct approach? The reason I ask is, one of my shaders uses a texture which has - MagFilter = ANISOTROPIC. Before I put the check in for it - D3DPTFILTERCAPS_MAGFANISOTROPIC, the program ran fine(it ran on a HAL device). When I did put the check in however, my computer said it doesn't support that feature and I have to run it with a REF device. I'm confused as to why it does this. If the program ran fine before, did that mean it wasn't running in true MagFilter = ANISOTROPIC mode? I tried it on a friends computer and without the checks, it just dies saying the features aren't supported, and with them, it only runs in REF mode. Any suggestions would be great. Cheers.

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