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Setting up my 2d game

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Ok, I'm up to the challenge of setting up my own ORPG. Yes, like most others on this forum. This time I'll be needing some help and that's why I registered on this forum. => My Current State: -> Ok I have the good qualities of a mapper, a web designer, and a forum moderator/admin. -> I am aiming to make a game with Elysium Diamond (I might change the engine but I'm really familiar with this although not totally :P I already have it installed on my PC. Steps I'm aiming to take: -> Hosting my server for others to play: I have no idea yet on how to host my server so that other players can log in on it, provided I can give them the client. As far as I know is that I must have a fixed I.P. address with a corresponding port (say 4000) No idea how to get a fixed I.P. address though and not risking giving my computer's unless there is no other solution. -> Getting staff members who will be willing to work with me in developing my project. Staff will consist of coders, spriters, mappers, a co-leader whom I trust and audio staff. Also ideas and publishing managers. -> Out of the above I'd assign a Head Mapper (who will have to gain my trust and be allowed to pick up mappers from the application posted on the forum). A Head Spriter who will pick up spriters from the application forum and assign them tasks to sprite according to the needs of the game. And Head Audio who will manage all the audio staff and take care of the music and sound effects of the game. ___________________________________________________________________________ Out of the above: -> What things should I improve? -> How can I set up my own server to go online? -> Where should I get staff members provided I don't have any at the moment both at school and on the internet? -> Am I up to this project or should I do something else BEFORE taking up this project? Note: I don't want this project to end up as a failure. I'm still at the age of 15 and want to take some decisive steps right here right now to decide my career. Thank you VERY KINDLY for all your help, Lonelywolf :-)

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