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Direct3D 10 initialisation problem

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hi, dunno if there'll be a lot of support about DX10 right now... but let's try ;) I've posted this on msdn forums already but it doesnt seem to score a lot of replies over there... so here is my problem : I'm running Feb2007 DXSDK D3D10 samples (binaries) under Windows Vista without any problem. Opening the D3D10 tutorials and samples projects with VS2005 is ok too and compilation & link both work well. When trying to run the projects I just compiled, however, I cannot create a device. With samples as with tutorials, I get this exception : _com_error at memory location 0x0012f320 which comes from the call to DXUT_Dynamic_D3D10CreateDevice(), failing either with the D3D10_DRIVER_TYPE_HARDWARE type coming from DXUTFindValidDeviceSettings(), or with the D3D10_DRIVER_TYPE_REFERENCE type also tried by the "tutorial" projects. (At first I had a d3dx10d.dll not found problem with the tutorials but I think I managed that now... at least I hope so...) Still I can't figure out why unmodified sample code won't work when binaries obviously do :( many thanks for your help. Config : Proc : Core2Duo 6600 OS : Windows Vista Family Premium GC : 8800 GTX nVidia drivers : Forceware 100.65 Visual Studio 2005 sp1

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