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Intersection and exclusive or operations

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Hi everyone, I am again in need of some guidance and probably a good 2D graphics book! I have a polygon and another set of polygons and the vertices are described by floating point 2D coordinates. Now, these polygons can intersect among each other and what I need to calculate is the final polygon that is composed of the region left over in the main polygon after subtracting all the intersected regions with the other polygons. Is there a website or a book that explains these techniques and hopefully provide some pseudocode/real code. This is a pretty urgent requirement and I have a feeling it will take me weeks to understand and implement something like this. I was using Qt before and that has a QRegion class which does all that but unfortunately that works on discrete(integer) values and there is a bad loss of precision. Cheers and thanks for any help you can give me. xarg

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