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Anything for MACS?

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Starting development on Mac OS X is easy; Objective-C, C++ and Java dev tools ship with every license of Mac OS X.

Pretty much any Java game tutorial you find out there will work properly on Mac OS X; the only possible exceptions are those that use native code like the DirectX bindings for Java.

You might want to consult Apple's page on getting started with Mac game development, though large parts of it are biased towards C/C++ and Obj-C.

Also, head to iDevGames; there are users there experienced with other game development tools (such as Unity, which uses C#).

If you're deploying games to the Web, the only tools I can think of offhand are Java, Flash/Director, Unity and possibly PHP/javascript depending on what your game is.

Speaking of software for Macs, don't mean to jump in on your thread, but is there a C# editor for them?
Yes, there is. You can build Monodevelop, but that's a pain in the ass. I use the C# templates for Xcode and the Mono CSharpPlugin for Xcode.

You can deploy Cocoa applications using C# using the CocoaSharp library, as well, so you don't have to use Windows.Forms if you've already built up a Mac GUI.

Development of Mono on OS X is a lot further ahead than it was a year ago. I'm actually planning on releasing my first C# game in a few months, for OS X, Linux and Windows.

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