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Making a 2D game : Anyone interested?

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I've decided that as part of my portfolio, I would design a game around a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, using said system. It would be written in SDL (considering thats pretty much my only option @ this juncture) and wouldnt need any really complicated graphics capability, maybe something as graphically taxing as Ultima VII. I'd function as not only a programmer, but also as something of a Producer, or whatever the title of the project leader should be called. Heres a list of some (certainly not all) of the things that should be done: *Include feats, skills, and classes from the Core v3.5 DnD game, and also include prestige classes and such from the Dungeon Master's Handbook. *Considering I have the handbook, eventually, after a series of trials and crucibles, the character should be able to reach Epic (21st+) Level, at which point the character gains the ability to do the things outlined in that book, and the final points of the plot are ready to occur. *Should be a RPG, with a working Karma system and open-ended storyline. ---- There'll be more, but I'm kind of pressed for time as it is, because I'm posting from school as opposed to posting from home, where I'm not so pressed for time.

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