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Hi all, I am new to these forum so sorry if this is a duplicate subject. I am supposed to choose a toolchain for making a CityScope game. I have trouble choosing the right tools. For Graphics I chose OGRE. And for the Physics I chose PhysX (through NxOgre). I managed to make some basic demos with cars and some basic scenes. But to continue I need some good world editor which I could use both for OGRE and NxOgre,so far I have found nothing.(NxOgre still has difficulties with MeshShape collision),and I also want to be able to access each individual object e.g. : I want to assign a moveable shape to a rubbish bin but I need a static mesh for the road and walls. On the other hand I saw Newton engine, I wanted to know how much is it powerful.Has anyone done something big with it before. If none of these work I might be forced to make the Game Engine by myself which is troublesome.I want to avoid this trouble. For the Sound I don't know what to use (I seen fmod and it's good but how can I generate the car engine sound, can anyone explain it to me please). For the network I decided to choose RakNet which is a good engine. But again for the input (Analog sticks or wheels) is there anything good ? If I try to use SDL for the input, can it be used with Ogre ? Is there anything better ? Thank you all. ;)

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