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[web] Flash video players like Youtube and Google Video

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There seem to be a ton of sites nowadays using flash video player (well, i think they're all flash), but how do they do it? I want to have some videos on my site, but due to copyright and privacy issues i cant just use youtube embed's, i need to have them on my site, and password protected (they're for co-dev's) I like the compression of sites like youtube. Even on 56K you can buffer one of those in not too much time. I could upload the video's themselves, but most are 5 minutes, and 50 megs. I'm sure when i play a 5 minute video at youtube i'm not buffering 50 megs of video. I googled this, but i must not be asking the right questions, because i'm getting no results. Is there a simple way to add a flash (or otherwise) video player with decent compression to my site? Can you control the compression and framerate? Some of the videos are just for informational reference, so quality isn't all that important, others are for art reference, and quality IS important. Thanks.

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