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Problems installing SDL_Mixer

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I downloaded the source code, as well as the binaries. I figure by getting smart I can simply move all the header files into the 'include' folder where my SDL resides, and the dll files to binary. The problem is there are no libraries, which makes it hard to tell the compiler to link against them. I'm running Code::Blocks March 5 snapshot and would appreciate any info that could be provided as to the easiest route to get eveything in abd set to go with this IDE. Been arguing with it off and on for a couple of hours now, and can't find any info on getting it running. All this trouble for a 5 second .wav file [razz] *** Please ignore this. Someone answered on an earlier thread I'd made *** [Edited by - Charabis on March 7, 2007 6:32:40 PM]

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