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Forgotten Tribes

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Forgotten Tribes **Version 0.1** In-Development Story The year is unknown, but it is upon the beginning of a new era: an era of war. A horrific disaster, whose records have been concealed, occurred which destroyed the world as they knew it. The survivors restarted civilization without knowledge of the outside world. Three score years later, the five civilizations met, and began to fight for the remaining habitable regions of the world. Races Argosian Tribe (Argosia): a warrior tribe built on heavy military duties. The leader that reclaimed the lands that are present day Argosia was Janjill. Joining the military in Argosia is not only seen as a duty, but is honored and praised. They were the first to create and industrialize large cities. The first thing upon seeing an Argosian city in the horizon would be their factories, as they are some of the tallest buildings in the known world and emit smoke throughout the day and night. Their buildings are made from very heavy bricks, which protects the buildings. Argosian soldiers are a force to be reckoned with. This militiaristic tribe produces very strong soldiers at an unparalelled rate. Weapons and ballistics are never in a scarcity as their industry is very strong. There is one major fault with the Argosians however, after their industrialization of their cities, they gradually turned away from research to focus on their military strength. Nergvii Tribe (Nergvi): a tribe based purely on order, obedience and money. On the outside, this tribe may look perfect, but its inside is riddled with corruption and deceit. Their economy is one of the best, however, and its people will do anything quickly and efficiently for any price. Their leader is the brilliant mathematician Toronukus. Their buildings are engineering masterpieces. The Nervii buildings use absolutly no bricks, instead they use huge slabs of stone that were hollowed to fit and contain rooms. This method of builds creates the unique building designs of the Nervii. Nervi is one of the tribes that focuses all of their energies on wit, not force. Their soldiers will not be strong but base defenses will have very innovative ways to protect their people. Some include underground tunnels that can transfer resources as well as units, and a flooding plane to drown enemy invaders. Game Mechanics Population Mechanics: To create a unit, e.g. a worker, warrior etc, the player must take a citizen and move him to a training center (e.g. archery range, barracks or even school to create scholars). The rate of citizen creation is directly proportional to a tribe’s food, gold income and a population’s bonuses (water sources etc.) At a birth rate of 1.00, a citizen will be created every a certain number of seconds. A maximum population will also be set to stop overgrowth of a population and avoid slowing down of the game. Buildings City Hall: Citizens are created here. View your tribe’s statistics. Archery Range: Train archers and long-range projectile-based units. Market: Trade, buy or give other users gifts. Farm: Create crops for your tribe to eat. Barracks: Train melee based and horse riders in this building. Units Swordsman: a basic unit that wields a sword and shield. Does low damage, but has medium health and armor. Archer: Basic archery unit that wields a bow and a quiver of arrows. Has low health, low armor but medium damage abilities. Fires short range arrows. Worker: Basic building unit that can construct, fix and even demolish the parent team’s buildings. Can also collect resources and work farms. Citizen: The mold of any successful tribe. Can be trained into any human resource. Multiplayer Multiplayer will not be included in ver. 0.1, but here is a preview of what we are planning for future versions. Team battles that will include 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and maybe 5v5 where each player takes control of a different race for realism. Capture the flag will also be an option where a team will fight to take another player’s flag (surrounded by a choice of light, medium or heavy walls). Also another planned multiplayer feature is "Periodical Council," where the game would pause, bringing up a screen with stats. This will allow to give the teams a variable amount of time to plan where they should focus on. For example, a team could focus aiding one ally if he/she have suffered many casualties by sending him/her resources. Resources can only be sent during the council. Multiplayer maps will be revealed as they are made. Other Notes There will be many additions to the game from versions 0.1 -> 1.0, however don’t think that this will ruin your game experience story wise. The missions that will be in the game will be the preludes to the main storyline that will be released. We are planning to finish the journey from versions 0.1 -> 0.9 with 5 missions (One for each of the planned races). 1.0 will bring a main story line for each of the races. Population mechanics additions: A death rate and life expectancy will also be added in time to allow a more realistic population simulation. Some renderings and concept art. Renders (Alpha renderings, the graphics will get better each version) Barracks Market Archery Range Concept Art Nergvii City Hall Nergvii Barracks PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS ON WHAT I HAVE SO FAR. THINK THE STORY COULD BE DIFFERENT? IDEAS FOR TRIBES? PLEASE ANYTHING IS GOOD.

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