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[.net] vc++6 and vc++.net

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I think you might be slightly confused, i say that because you've made this thread in the .NET section. The newer versions of VC++ (those beyond VC++6.0) might have the name .NET in it but doesn't mean you're forced to use .NET (and C++/CLI). These newer versions still compile standard C++ but also have extensions to C++ for interop/binding with .NET.

Now you may still have problems with compiling code because VC++6.0 & VC++ 7.0 (not 7.1) has poor C++ standard compliance (VC++6.0 is about 10 years old technology and pre-dates C++ ISO standardization) as well as a number of non-standard compliant language extensions (which are enabled by default, same goes for newer versions). Depending on how much your code depends on these non-standard compliant extensions or incorrect standard behaviour depends how much time you'll spend on changing your code to get it to compile or even run correctly.

VC++7.1 (2k3.NET) and above have much better standard compliance (stated as approximately 98% ISO standard compliant).

At the end of the day you should not be using VC++6.0 period.

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