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Sindharta Tanuwijaya

Intermediate Shader Book

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Hi, I just read a book called "Introduction to 3D Game Programming with Direct X 9.0c: A Shader Approach" by Frank D. Luna and I think that it was a very good book with very clear explanation about the theory behind the shader codes listed there. After reading that, I wanted to deepen my knowledge about shaders and I started reading this book: "Programming Vertex & Pixel Shaders" by Wolfgang Engel. But it didn't take long that I realize that the explanation in that book is not clear enough and it seems like I was reading a conference paper like Siggraph paper instead of reading a book. That said, the book was interesting though since it contains a lot of fantastic shader codes, however, I would like to understand the theory behind it. So I am wondering if there is a book which is more advanced than Frank D. Luna's book above, but also offer clear explanation, which I can read before looking at the complicated theories offered in Wolfgang's book? Regards, Sindharta T.

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