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Game 3.0

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I was reading an article about second life, sony's new project home, and the growth of community based sites driven by user content and started to think how this will impact game design. Already MMO are becoming the most pppular type of game on market and they will only continue to increase as time goes. They are also probably the easiest to add user content to. My first thought was that of spore and that modding tools could be added to the MMO. There is already crafting. So why not include tools to allow the players to design their own models for the items they are crafting? Players could save their designs and then sell them to other players. So now rather then having every suit of leather armor look the same, players add new styles of leather armor and thus better customize of player avatars. You could even have player created brands. Then their is animations, it could be possible to allow players to design their own animation sequences for moves, and then teach them to other players. Simple things like having have variations of swinging a characters weapon, or victory pose after they defeat an enemy could greatly enhance the users experince. How else can player driven content and collboration be used to enhance games?

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