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Just need a few things... (For the moment)

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Evening to all. I have just begun to learn C++, currently through Beginning C++ Game Programming by Michael Dawson. (In fact, I am working on all of the code of Chapter 2.) While I wouldn't be presumptious enough to call myself a game designer, on account of the fact I'm still learning how to even make a decent program, there are a few things I would like to be able to look at. Firstly, does anyone know of a good example of a text game? I've had no such experience, and I would like to look at a few examples before actually trying my hand at it. (Also, by the time that I'm through with a few of them, I should be through with my book and ready to make my first game.) Secondly, were can I find detailed post-mordoms(sp?) that include such things as story development and game art? Those would also help me with my goal of eventually designing a professional quality RPG. It may take me a few years, but I figure that it's best to start working on the non-programming side now and be able to have all the material mature on the shelf so that I can take a 2nd look, refine it, and then make my game. Any help will be apreciated. -Daniel Curtana

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