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OpenGL calling some dynamic opengl code?

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My goal is to call some functions from a dll. They contain mainly GL related code. Problem is this: When I do so, the process terminates without throwing error or exception of any kind. What causes the termination is any gl-function call made from dll. More info: Whole thing is single-threaded. Even both dll and exe are linked with the same OpenGL32.lib. As far as I know, those gl functions from the lib are just dll wrappers reffering to ones in dll, right? And its just glBegin-like functions I'm talking about, no extension stuff. I've got the dll source but merging it with my code is out of disscussion, since it *must* be in a dll. For someone more experienced with this problem, I would be greatful to share his/her knowledge. Duy3 --------------------- Wyh is tihs textbox undrelining meh words? Arre ther that much typos?

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