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C++ Console to API

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I read that. :( Now that you post that I feel stupid, like if the solution is right there and I can't see it.
To add on this, its not homework. So please anyone help me out.

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Ok. What I would do is create a dialog based application with single line edit box inputs for

"Annual Contribution: ";
"Annual Yield (percent-enter as a whole number): ";
"Current Age: ";
"Retirement Age: ";
"Inflation (percent-enter as a whole number): ";

and three more single line edit box outputs for

"Total Future Value: $"
"Total Present Value: $"
"Total Interest Earned: $"

I'd probaby have a button for "clear" and another for "calculate" that I would connect to the application through WM_COMMAND. Clear would empty the inputs and outputs. Calculate would take the values from the inputs, which would be strings so they would have to be converted to integers first (or reals as the case may be), then perform the calculations on those values, then convert those values back into strings and output them to the outputs.

I might add a third button for shutting down the app too.

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Well the win32 API isn't the prettiest thing to learn if you're just starting out. One thing you may want to look into is switching over to c# it'll be much easier to create a windows based version of your program.

If you insist on using c++ with win32 I would recommend:

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