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playing MPG file

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hi everybody I'm using directshow to display my game intro movie, it should be displayed after selected the level, and after movie playback finishes the loading images are shown, my game is almost finished using direct3d. I'm running my game in windowed mode (1024x768), and when playing the movie sometimes a window called ActiveWindow is shown on top of my menu images which displays the movie, and sometimes my movie is not played at all, of course sometimes it is played correctly, although the playback speed is a bit lower than expected, I suppose I'm using the cutscene sample codes. When I switch my render to fullscreen, the movie is displayed correctly (i.e. fullscreen) but after playback is finished I cannot view my loading images any more, I suppose it is because of losing the focus, please help me to show my MPG movie in a correct way. Does the time parameter have any affect on movie playback, as I've seen something related to time in these codes, but I think I've almost disabled them. thanks a lot

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