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Game balance advice needed

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Hello, So I am making an Iraq Sim game where the goal is to make Iraqis happy while keeping the Americans from rioting. ;) I have several variables that effect each other depending on the situation. For example: You can make air strikes You can build infrastructure You can deploy soldiers You can ask for money You can ask for soldiers You can make a speech All those actions affect the resistance level and the happiness levels. Basically, I am having a hard time figuring out the best way to create formulas to manage these effects. This is what I have so far (for one of the formulas): resistanceLevel += (-5 * airStrikeCount) + ((100 - happiness) / 10) + (-10 * soldierNum) + (10 + rand() % 5); It's working ok and I can balance it by tweaking the numbers, but it just seems like a 'band-aid fix' because there isn't too much logic to the formula. The only certain thing is that some things affect resistance in a bad way and some in a good way. Is that enough, though? Any suggestions on how to better design these formulas?

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