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MaxScript Exporter and Unwrap UVW

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i'm trying to write an exporter for my engine and spent last two days learning MaxScript. Finally I managed to make it work... this is the model in Max: and this is a result in my engine: As you can se, it works good and i'm very satisfied, so i tryied to step up. Within Max (i'm using Max 8) i did a render to texture step and created an ambient occlusion map. Then applyed the Unwrap UVW modifier on the mesh (uv channel 1) and tryed to export. This is a screenshot of the model as it should be: and this is in my engine: It's totally messed up! These are the relevant parts of the script:

struct tVertex

struct tFace

struct tMesh
	Verts = #(),
	Faces = #(),

fn AddTriangle obj triindx self =(
   vertindices = getFace obj triindx
   UV1_indices = meshop.getmapface obj 1 triindx
   vertindices = #(vertindices.x as integer, vertindices.y as integer, vertindices.z as integer)
   UV1_indices = #(UV1_indices.x as integer, UV1_indices.y as integer, UV1_indices.z as integer)	

   matId = getfacematid obj triindx
   VList = #()
   for i=1 to 3 do
	pos = obj.verts[vertindices].pos
        uv1 = meshop.getmapvert obj 1 UV1_indices
	newVert = tVertex pos #(uv1.x, uv1.y) 
        append self.Verts newVert
	VList = self.Verts.count
   append self.Faces (tFace VList[1] VList[2] VList[3] matId )	

fn WriteToFile self oFile = 	(
   format "Faces: % - Vertices: %\n" self.Faces.count self.Verts.count to:oFile
   for v = 1 to self.Verts.count do
      format "[%, %, %] - " self.Verts[v].pos.x self.Verts[v].pos.y self.Verts[v].pos.z to:oFile
     format "[%, %]\n" self.Verts[v].uv1[1] self.Verts[v].uv1[2] to:oFile
  for f = 1 to self.Faces.count do
      self.Faces[f].v1 = self.Faces[f].v1 - 1
      self.Faces[f].v2 = self.Faces[f].v2 - 1
      self.Faces[f].v3 = self.Faces[f].v3 - 1
      self.Faces[f].matId = self.Faces[f].matId - 1
      format "[%, %, %] - [%]\n" self.Faces[f].v1 self.Faces[f].v2 self.Faces[f].v3 self.Faces[f].matId to:oFile

) -- end of tMesh struct

MeshList = #()

for o=0 to --every object in the scene
   obj = -- i-th object
   MeshList[o] = tMesh()

   for f = 1 to obj.numfaces do 
	MeshList[o].AddTriangle obj f MeshList[o]
   MeshList[o].WriteToFile MeshList[o] out_file

Any clues?

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It looks like the ambient occlusion map uses other UV coordinates than the one used for standard textures (which you exported). I guess you can either tell max to use standard UVs or export 2 UV sets.

[Edited by - therealremi on March 11, 2007 8:06:36 AM]

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