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Trouble with Maya exporter

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I am trying to export a series of keyframes from Maya and doing a vertex interpolation on the shader side. The problem I am getting is that each .x file that is getting exported from Maya is showing a different number of vertexes. I am getting variations of up to 240 verts on a 37000 vert model. It seems to have something to do with the UV coordinates since when I set the UVs to all zero the problem does not occur. It is the same model being used for each frame and the mesh is triangulated before animation. The UVs are not projected and the history is removed so UV data should not be changing. I am using a lattice deformer for the animation and the exporter from the april 2006 release of DirectX and Maya 8. Has anyone else had this problem or have an idea of what stupid thing I am doing to cause this?

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