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[.net] TextBox Databinding refresh issue.

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Has anybody seen this and/or know the solution? I have a TextBox that has its DataBindings property set within a DataTable within a DataSet. Here is the weird issue: - The TextBox is disabled and not-visisble. But once i apply text to it (via another form) and click OK, the textBox gets visible, which then causes the DataBind to occur. The visisble = true seems to cause this in addition to causing it to appear to the user. - Any time after this the TextBox does not get updated even though it DataBinded to the new updated text. I am calling AcceptChanges. I tried calling Invalidate followed by Update on the TextBox I tried calling Refresh on the TextBox None of the above steps seems to work. The only thing I didnt try was disabling and re-enabling the Visisble property. What is the cause of this weird issue?

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