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You've got a nice game going here, but you need to sell it! Post some screenshots! Some clickable links! A description of the game so that people who haven't been following the project will have a reason to download it!

In other words, I think you would benefit from putting more effort into your 'announcement' posts (this isn't a criticism - I'm just saying this because I like the game and would like to see it get some attention).

Anyway, I assume you're posting because you want feedback, so here's some feedback.

You should do whatever you think is fun of course, but if I were you I'd put a higher priority on developing the game play than on adding visual effects. (For one thing, all the characters in the game seem to have suddenly acquired the ability to walk on water, which seems a bit odd :)

I notice you fixed the 'zoom' bug, which is good. I think I pointed out a couple of other things as well last time you posted, in particular that the player seems to move somewhat slowly, and that the enemies seem somewhat few and far between. I think you should focus on addressing these issues, as the game play is really the most important aspect here.

My point, in essence, is that there's a fun game there trying to get out :) I don't know how your world is represented, but some larger rooms and/or open areas would really add a lot (it seems it's all hallways at the moment). And seriously, more robots! I don't know if there are technical limitations at play here, but it would be a lot of fun to, say, face off against five or six robots in a relatively open area (perhaps with pillars or obstacles you could hide behind).

If you were to develop the game play a little more, I for one would be more than happy to give it another go when you have a new version ready.

Best of luck with it :)

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I had a good couple of minutes playing this. The basics are there for an enjoyable fps. A bit basic at the moment but youve got the foundations to build on.

Things i've noted that would help improve the game.

First things first, it really needs a mini map. Otherwise your just aimlessly wondering around not knowing if your retracing old ground. A mini map / radar system would help alot here.

The scores and the on screen text need to be smoothed out to look better. An easy trick to use, is to blur the images in a paint programme, paint shop pro, photoshop ect, then draw them to the screen as an alpha image. No need to add an alpha layer, just treat the white blurred image as the alpha layer.
This would blur the edges to the images making them appear much smoother.
I don't know what language youve written this in or whether your engine supports it though.

Also with most fps type games, the movement needs to be inertia based. Ie, you move forward a little bit and instead of comming to an abrupt stop when you release the forward key, the player keeps moving for a short period. This would make the game feel alot more slicker than it currently is.

Animated explosions would be nice at some point too.

All in all, very reminicent of the original wolfenstein.


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