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Question about Labels in assembly language.

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: is generally not considered a part of a label (EDIT: Generally means 99.99% chance). Of course we have no idea what language you actually talk about. Saying it's assembly is like saying it's an European language we need to know whether it's x86 assembly, whether you use MASM, NASM or TASM, etc.
How about trying to make a label which is 32 long without the colon. If the assembler complains then the colon is included.

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Original post by Mindripper2000
Thanks for the quick response.

As for the language, I'm just talking about in general as I'm currently trying to understand it.

In general there is no 32 character limit. In general assembly languages doesn't even have labels. Of course all popular assembly languages for the x86 does have labels, but I doubt all of them has a 32 character limit.

I think you can assume that the colon isn't a part of the label, I have never heard of any assembly languages where that was the case and I see no reason for the assembler to do so.

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