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Lightwave and Smooth Shading

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Hey guys, I'm currently working on a program that rips LWO files into something that I can use for my game. Do any of you use Lightwave for game development? If so, what do you normally do when you have a smooth-shaded object, but you want a hard crease on it? For instance, suppose you have a cylander, and you want the round edge of the cylander to be smooth, but you don't want the smoothing to carry over the disc edges? I heard that Maya has an option that allows you to manipulate the vertex normals so as to create a hard edge, but I don't see an option like that in Lightwave. In the past, I've resorted to messing with the maximum smoothing angle to get the look I want, and if that doesn't work, I've actually split the geometry by cut some polygons away and then pasting them again.

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