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Adriac Veras

Athorok: The Adventure

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This is an MMO game idea. If you have feedback, do not let it be about you shouldn't be doing an MMO, that gets really old. Here are the features I've thought of Guilds and Kingdoms -The game will start with no kingdoms. Towns and villages will be scattered about but nothing else. -A guild is started by buying or claiming land. The first guild hall is free of charge and can be designed however the master wants. Later guild halls built to secure lands conquered cost resources. -Being a guild, there are no NPCs to help gather resources or construct buildings. Members will have to volunteer or be paid to gather the materials such as stone, wood, and building supplies then use them with special professions helping in construction such as carpentry, masonry, and others. -Guilds can become allies to expand their power and have a friend to trust in the cruel world of Athorok. Guilds can also participate in battles against other guilds to conquer their lands and resources. -When a guild ammasses enough power, land, and members, they can become a kingdom. A kingdom can expand but is less versatile in what they do. A guild can move more freely than a kingdom. However, a kingdom has NPCs that settle. These NPCs will pay taxes, construct, and gather resources in place of the members. -To ensure that one kingdom doesn't contain all the players and own the world, the number of members required will be a large number, and nobody can join a kingdom, unless somebody leaves. A guild has no limit to the number of members that can join, adding to its versatality. -A kingdom or guild can be destroyed if all its land is lost to invaders. The Sea -You can buy or pay others to construct your very own ship and sail the seas with a hired NPC or PC crew. -A ship at sea is able to be raided, thus a ship's crew can be a pirate crew. -A pirate crew has to be careful. If they anger a guild or kingdom by taking out a ship, they could be on the run from hundreds of players. -The only thing you have to do to be a pirate crew is raid a ship, there is no official stuff like when making a guild. -Being the captain of a ship, you need to make money to pay your crew. Besides piracy you can become a merchant, charge people to sail them around, or do any other creative idea to make money. -Creatures lurk in the depths of the sea, making the sea dangerous to be on. A hardy crew is required to stay alive in many cases. Player Killing and Death -Dying itself has little consequence. Your spirit must find a priest willing to ressurect you within a certain time or you are dragged into a fight in the Abyss. -The fight in the Abyss is supposed to challenge whoever is forced into it, but should be possible to anybody who is decent at the game. Winning the fight sends you back with all your belongings and stats, losing costs you one unequipped item at random and temporarily drained stats. Being ressurected by a priest has no consequence either. -If you are pked, the same principle applies except that is the person is within 5 levels of you, they choose one of your unequipped items and claim it for their own. -Like piracy, pking can have consequences of angering a kingdom or guild. -Like becoming a pirate, you can become a bandit and even form a band to raid roads and caravans. -To create a band you do not even need land to claim or buy. One person can create a bandit band via a menu option or something else by selecting four others to join at its beginning, then others can be recruited. But beware angering a kingdom or guild. Note: All of the angering a kingdom or guild is to discourage heavy pking because of fear of being hunted down and slaughtered. Merchants and Caravans, Homes and Businesses -Using player professions you can be a merchant, just make items and sell them. -If being a wandering merchant seems too dangerous to you, join a caravan. -A caravan is a group of merchants and can be made the same way as a bandit band. These merchants compile the goods they create and sell them to pay guards that help protect them. -To start a private business or build a home you need to buy land from a kingdom or guild. Then you can pay others to build a home or build it yourself. If you buy it from a kingdom then NPCs will automatically go and build it for you, but buying it from a kingdom can cost more. -The only way to enter your home is to own the nontradeable key. But make sure you lock the door or theives may get in. Questing -Quests are added and removed daily. New quests come up as people need help and others disappear as they are finished. -To be guaranteed a quest, you must be the FIRST person to get it. Others who talk to the person for quests will get your name and can PM you to join your group. -If you are not the first person to get the quest or in their group, you cannot get the reward for it. -Once the first person decides nobody else should come with him/her, he can talk to the quest giver and toggle an option to give the name out. This can be done to begin with if the person wants to find people himself. -If you feel that quest logs baby you too much, you can toggle an option to manually type everything you think you need to know or make it automatic. Combat -Combat and your view is first person. -You click to attack and block like in Elder Scrolls. -Your personal skill is required to stay alive and it is harder to kill and solo. -Spells are cast with hotkey numbers on the keyboard. -Level does not increase hit points, but it can increase attributes that affect the strength, speed, accuracy, area, and many other factos of an attack or spell. -Going with the first person clicking to attack and block, you have to aim where your blow, arrow, or spell will go or designate, skills in your personal accuracy are important. As of right now, this is all I have gotten done. I have more that I am working on that I will post later. Please be reminded that there is no storyline, this is a free-roam adventure. Unlike other MMOs, you decide one calling in life, join a caravan to be a merchant or a guard, become a pirate or crewmember of a nerchant ship or maybe even a kingdom/guild's war navy.

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