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ID3 Tag Reading (and Writing) Library

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Looking for a library to help me read ID3 tags from an MP3 file, and preferably write them back again (although it's not necessary). Anybody know of such a thing, or should I start writing my own? I'm confident I could do it, but it'd take longer than I really want to spend on this project. [Edited by - EmrldDrgn on March 19, 2007 5:17:06 PM]

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EyeD3 is a really nice to use python library that worked nicely last time I needed to do something like this. It makes things easy (examples borrowed from the page listed above). Took about 15 minutes to remove the configure scripts and modify it to get it going on windows

import eyeD3
tag = eyeD3.Tag()"/some/file.mp3")
print tag.getArtist()
print tag.getAlbum()
print tag.getTitle()

# write to cached representation
tag.setAlbulm(u"Age of Quarrel")
# write to file

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