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[java] Can't get jogl to work

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Oguz286    100
Hello everybody, I'm trying to get a simple java file that uses jogl to compile but to no avail. I import these libraries:
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

But when i compile i get this error:
package does not exist
So that means that it can't find the jogl.jar file. I unpacked the jogl files to D:\java\jogl, so the the jar and dll files are in D:\java\jogl\lib I updated the PATH so it includes "D:\java\jogl\lib" and i made another entry called CLASSPATH including ".;D:\java\jogl\jogl.jar". But i still get this error and ofcourse it can't find the jogl-classes. Then i tried compiling it like this:
javac -classpath ".;D:\java\jogl\lib\jogl.jar" JOpenGL\
But this also gives the same error. What am i doing wrong? EDIT: Btw i copied the jar and dll files to the directory where my javafile is and compiled it like this:
javac -cp jogl.jar JOpenGL\
But it still get the same error :( [Edited by - Oguz286 on March 18, 2007 10:13:29 AM]

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Aldacron    4544
The package was done away with some time ago when JOGL was reimplemented to conform to JSR-231. The new package is You should download the javadocs from the JOGL page, or browse them online. Also, for future JOGL problems I suggest you visit the JOGL forums at You'll get the eyes of more JOGL users, as well as the project maintainer, on your post.

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Swattkidd    218
Hey thanks, do you guys have some sort of test code i can try and run with netbeans to see if i have everything installed properly, and yea i would go to but i forgot my password and i never recieve the damn email they try and send :(

Wow very wierd, i thought i posted a jogl help thing here and i clicked this thinking it was it :\..

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