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any good site for downloading/streaming past games music?

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Well, if you're not concerned with only listening to MIDI then I'd check out vgmusic. Besides most of the older games were only MIDI anyway and this site has a huge collection of all kinds of PC, arcade and console titles.

Another site is Overclocked Remix which features a vast assortment of remixes of video games. Some are really good, others are okay.

Check those out and relive some great games (and tunes).

Hope that helps,

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Time to plug, time to plug!

Ok, over the last few years our readers at Music4Games have been sending us links to free and legal music downloads from games, past and current...and future I guess.

Anyways, I've been compiling them as they come in a list we have on our forums called...uh...the list.

Free And Legal VGM Downloads at Music4Games

It's not everything, but it's all original stuff with the composers/developers blessing!


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