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Gui and DirectInput

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Crazyfool    307
Hi, I've done some google searches as well as read through a few tutorials that seemed relative to this on gamedev, but nothing helped me ;( Basically, I am trying to make a GUI and I've got a few things done. Next I',m trying to do is make some buttons in D3D9. The button: not so much a button idea as mouse input. I have a mouse device going but I dont know how to measure absolute coordinates. I know I can tack on the relative movement every frame, but that is all relative to the initial starting point of the mouse. How can I tell where mouse is actually clicking?

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dmail    116
You can set the cooperative level to exclusive and increment changes in position to the previous position, but this depends on if you want the device to be exclusive which is normally the case in full screen games.

[edit]added links
cooperative level
setting cooperative level determined by the window

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