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WM_USER message

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I wouldn't reccomend using it for games. I tried that in a project when I first started programming, with horrible results.

If you must though, just put whatever variables into lparam and rparam, then see what they are in the the message handling loop.

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WM_USER The WM_USER constant is used by applications to help define private messages for use by private window classes, usually of the form WM_USER+X, where X is an integer value.



WM_USER: obsolete

Older books on Windows programming tell about how to define user-defined messages using the symbol WM_USER. This technique is obsolete. There were too many problems with WM_USER-based symbols conflicting with messages that Microsoft was using. The new method is to use WM_APP as the base. If you have something that uses WM_USER, the usage is identical to the usage of messages based on WM_APP.

User defined messages can be useful in situations where you want to use both the lParam and wParam to send data to a window or thread.

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