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OpenGL help on this please?

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for(int i = 0 ; i < 3 ; i++) { vasp enemyvasp = {(rand()%10-10),(rand()%10-10), (float)(20-(rand()%30))/vaspSpeed, (float)(20-(rand()%30))/vaspSpeed} ; Enemy.push_back(enemyvasp); } The numbers 10-10 in the vasp enemyvasp = {(rand()%10-10),(rand()%10-10), Line should put the "vasps" that i will be drawn somewhere else in the program in some location at the "screen" tho when none of my drawings has any "zoom" the glTranslatef(xcoord,ycoord,zoom) so the screen aint really tremendous. Problem is the "vasps" (quads) will not show up on the "screen" any ideas on what numbers to use? or how to make the rand over to a float or double? vasp is a struct struct vasp { float x ; // vasp X position float y ; // vasp Y position float vaspmoveX ; // vasp X movement float vaspmoveY ; // vasp Y movement };

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