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Beyond the Veil

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http://www.rmxp.org/forums/showthread.php?t=6218 Howdy! This is my RPG i'm currently working on. The presentation on that site is a bit cheesy, but it's sorta expected in that community/it works for getting attention in that community. In a general sense, it's a turn based RPG but has many elements from fighting games and puzzle games. Development of characters isn't Systematic/Mechanical/Artificial it's there to create variety and more fun, not just make the characters 'better.' The concept is to have the player get better so that future challenges are more rewarding and enjoyable. A lot of the fun stems from using the unique characteristics of each character, as well as the varied abilities they possess in order to find new and faster ways to defeat enemies. Here your skill and ingenuity will be key in besting tough battles quickly and efficiently rather than having overpowered items or spells. It's going great so far and the more I work on it the more fun I have and the more excited I get despite the daunting amount of work left. There are recruitment links in the link I posted above if you're interested. A playable tech demo will be out near the end of this week. Keep creating! -Kicks

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