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myOS - Miniature OpenGL development system

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myOS, miniature OpenGL development system enables OpenGL API coding on a stripped down Linux without X myOS is a minimalistic OpenGL capable GNU/Linux based system without X. It is a bare bones Linux system, stripped of everything but the files necessary to compile and run OpenGL/C code. It has a simplified directory structure and a cleaned-up internal cross referencing. It starts up with only a single script. Linux kernel is 2.6.20, compiled with only essential drivers. There is complete OpenGL Red Book together with 45 examples converted to use Scitech's drivers. Examples are organized to follow chapters and are ready to compile and run, they look very much like their GLUT version in Red Book. This little collection is really all one needs to learn OpenGL. In fact the whole system being very bare bones and really simple can be used as learning tool to teach Linux basics and C/OpenGL programming. Because its partialy made as learning tool and is similar to collection of NeHe demos, i'd like to know who to contact about adding link of this project to list of other conversions of NeHe tutorials? download myOS.iso and more OpenGL demos here: http://one.xthost.info/zelko/opengl.html

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