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An unhandled exception of type 'System.AccessViolationException', but it seems ok....

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Alrighty, I've been making a game engine heavily based off of Enginuity, but I decided to give the scripting system a major overhaul.. The current one is/was awful (sorry Mr. Fine). Here is how I've set everything up, in the script files. #begin variables here. #end Ignored here. The reasoning for this was that a game may have several types of units, each with differing health etc. Each batch (begin to end) is independent of the others. In code, it is represented as such: CSettingsManager: std::map< std::string (fileName), ScriptFile > fileMap; ScriptFile: std::list< BATCH > batches; BATCH: std::map< std::string (variable name), std::string* (variable value) > So, each file has several batches which contain their own variables. CSettingsManager manages the files ScriptFile manages it's own batches BATCH contains its own variables Now, when I run ScriptFile straight from the client code-no csettingsmanager - it works just fine, but hard coding values is what the scripting system was for. So then I try to use it through Csettingsmanager, which reads the strings from the file and places them in the correct batch in the correct ScriptFile, I get that error. if comes from these specific lines: in ScriptFile.h
//Returns a variable of a certain name, from the current batch, casted to a certain type. 
	 template< class Type > Type getValue( std::string name )
		 std::string x = *(*currentBatch_)[name]; 
		std::stringstream str;
		str.unsetf( std::ios::skipws );
		str << (std::string)(*(*currentBatch_)[name]);
		Type result;
		str >> result; 
		return result; 
Now, when I am debugging it shows me this: www.freewebs.com/mlanet/mystery.JPG So, it looks like batchs (BATCH*) is a 'valid' object.. but I get a System.AccessViolationException when I try to use the 'data' that I get out of it. Since this only occurs when I use Script File via CSettingsManager, I would guess that CSettingsManager does something to the data that it's not supposed to do. I am also guessing that the data has gone out of scope, but with out actually being deleted, hence the apparent 'validity' of *currentBatch_. So, here is the CSettingsManager code:

//STL Includes.
#include <string>
#include <map> 

//Library Includes.
#include "Dator.h" 
#include "Singleton.h"
#include "CMMPointer.h" 
#include "ScriptFile.h" 

class CSettingsManager : public Singleton   < CSettingsManager > 
	virtual ~CSettingsManager(); 

	void setValue( std::string &name, std::string &value, std::string &fileName, int command = 0 );
	ScriptFile& getFile( std::string &name ); 

	void parseSetting( std::string str, std::string fileName ); 
	void parseFile( std::string fileName ); 

	std::map< std::string, std::string > definesMap_; 
	std::map< std::string, ScriptFile > fileMap_; 


#endif //EOF of CSettingsManager.h 

And the CSettingsManager.cpp

//STL Includes 
#include <fstream> 
#include <list> 
#include <stdio.h>

//Engine Includes
#include "CSettingsManager.h"
#include "Dator.h"

#include "CKernel.h" 



void CSettingsManager::parseFile( std::string fileName )
	std::ifstream in( fileName.c_str() ); 

	if( !in.is_open() )
	fileMap_[fileName] = ScriptFile(fileName); 
	while( !in.eof() )
		char szBuf[ 1024 ]; 
		in.getline( szBuf, 1024 ); 
		parseSetting( szBuf, fileName ); 

ScriptFile& CSettingsManager::getFile( std::string &name )
	return fileMap_[ name ];

void CSettingsManager::setValue( std::string &name, std::string &value, std::string &fileName, int command )
	if( command == 1 )
		if( strcmp( name.c_str(), "BEGIN" ) == 0 )

		if( strcmp( name.c_str(), "DEFINE" ) == 0 )
			definesMap_[name] = value; 
		std::string* data = new std::string( value ); 
		std::string* id = new std::string( name ); 
		fileMap_[fileName].insertNewValue(*id, data ); 

void CSettingsManager::parseSetting( std::string str, std::string fileName )
	int command = 0; 
	std::string name, value; 

	if( str[ 0 ] == '#' )
		command = 1; 
		str = str.substr( 1 ); //remove the # character from the string. 

	//Find the '='

	int eqPos = str.find( '=' );

	if( eqPos != -1 )
		name = str.substr( 0, eqPos ); 
		value = str.substr( eqPos+1 );
	else if( command == 1 )
	{//No equal sign, so that means this value is a command line. 
		str.find( ' ' ) == -1 ? name = str : name = str.substr( 0, str.find(' ') ); 
		str.find( ' ' ) == -1 ? value = str : value = str.substr( str.find(' ')+1 );  
	setValue( name, value, fileName, command ); 

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I can't believe how stupid I am.

If you look at the picture (as I was awhile ago), read closely-
I pass in 'height'
trying to get 'screenHeight'
This is going on my list of top ten stupid mistakes.

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