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multiple passes in opengl

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Hi, I am not sure if I do post on the correct board, but i think it's a basic question. I have a model which is rendered with an uv-mapped texture. an I am using a Cg fragment program to do this mapping (via sample2D). Now I want to add reflection to it, using a cubemap (sampleCube) but as soon as I access more than one of these 2 samples.. I get as result only one of the two textures mapped. (I am using cgGLGetLatestProfile(CG_GL_FRAGMENT); and get fp40 or sth. like that...) I am pretty sure that I've read sth. like, not to access more than one sample in a pass. So do I need multipass rendering? And if yes, how do I do it? Is there a good article about it (using OpenGL and Cg) on the web?

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You shouldn't need multiple passes. Using either fixed function multitexturing, or a shader, should allow you to blend the base texture and the reflection texture.

Posting your shader code and the relevant program code would be helpful.

PS - there is an opengl forum.

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void main_erectron_vp(
float4 position : POSITION,
float2 texCoord0 : TEXCOORD0,
float3 normal : NORMAL,

out float4 oPosition : POSITION,
out float2 uv0 : TEXCOORD0,
out float3 objectPos : TEXCOORD1,
out float3 oNormal : TEXCOORD2,
out float oDist : TEXCOORD3,
out float3 R : TEXCOORD4,
uniform float3 eyePositionW,
uniform float4x4 modelToWorld,
uniform float4x4 modelViewProj)

oPosition = mul(modelViewProj, position);
uv0 = texCoord0;
objectPos = position.xyz;
oDist = length(position.xz);
oNormal = normal;

float3 positionW = mul(modelToWorld, position).xyz;
float3 N = mul((float3x3)modelToWorld,normal);
N = normalize(N);

float3 I = positionW-eyePositionW;

R = reflect(I,N);

void main_erectron_fp(
float3 uv0 : TEXCOORD0,
float4 position: TEXCOORD1,
float4 rPosition: POSITION,
float3 normal: TEXCOORD2,
float dist: TEXCOORD3,
float3 R: TEXCOORD4,
out float4 oColor: COLOR,

uniform sampler2D texture: TEXUNIT0,
uniform samplerCUBE envMap: TEXUNIT1,
uniform float3 globalAmbient,
uniform float3 lightColor,
uniform float3 lightPosition,
uniform float3 eyePosition,
uniform float3 Ke,
uniform float3 Ka,
uniform float3 Kd,
uniform float3 Ks,
uniform float shininess,
uniform float heatFactor
// Just sample texture using supplied UV
float4 texColor1 = tex2D(texture, uv0);
float4 texColor2 = texCUBE(envMap,R);
float4 texColor = lerp(textColor1,texColor2,0.5);

float3 P = position.xyz;
float3 N = normalize(normal);

float3 emissive = Ke;

float3 ambient = Ka * globalAmbient;

// Compute the diffuse term
float3 L = normalize(lightPosition - P);
float diffuseLight = max(dot(L, N), 0);
float3 diffuse = Kd * lightColor * diffuseLight;

// Compute the specular term
float3 V = normalize(eyePosition - P);
float3 H = normalize(L + V);
float specularLight = pow(max(dot(H, N), 0), shininess);
if (diffuseLight <= 0) specularLight = 0;
float3 specular = Ks * lightColor * specularLight;
float4 color;
color.xyz = (emissive + ambient + diffuse + specular)*1.5;
color.w = 1;

oColor = lerp(color,texColor,0.5);
oColor = lerp(float4(1.0,0.0,0.0,1.0)*heatFactor,oColor,abs(dist/11));
oColor += lerp(float4(1.0,0.0,0.0,1.0)*heatFactor,float4(0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0),abs(dist/11));

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oh sorry forgot to add text ;)
yes well these are the vertex and fragment shader i use... (single they work.. means if i am using just texColor1 or just texColor2...)

(the code is mainly copy pasted from the Cg Tutorial actually....

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